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Annual Registration Fee

Our 30-lesson term runs from the week of September 16, 2019, through May / June, 2020, with two-week breaks in December and April. Public holidays are observed.

There is one yearly $30 registration fee per family that must accompany registration.

Annual Registration Fee
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One-to-One Private Instruction Enrollment


full term payment or installment payment

Sibling/Second Instrument Discount

CMS offers a 15% discount for siblings, or for one student taking lessons on a second instrument.  The discount will be taken on the less expensive lesson.

* To take advantage of this discount, please pay for each student separately, and use the discount code: FIFTEENPERCENT (case sensitive) for the second payment at checkout

Full Term Payment

One-to-One Lessons • Full Term Payment
from 1,080.00

From $1,080 for 30 Lessons

30 Minute Lesson - $36     Term Total  $1,080

45 Minute Lesson - $52     Term Total  $1,560

60 Minute Lesson - $68    Term Total  $2,040

* Pay in full, by September 13th, or before the first
lesson for students who enroll later in the year


lesson length • full term of lessons:
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Installment Payment

One-to-One Lessons • Payment Plan
from 360.00

From 3 Payments of $360 each

30 Minute Lesson Term Total  • 3 Installments of $360 each

45 Minute Lesson Term Total  • 3 Installments of $520 each

60 Minute Lesson Term Total  • 3 Installments of $680 each

Three installments Due: Mid-September, Mid-December, Mid-March

Lesson Length • Installment:
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Mail-in Annual Registration Fee
& Tuition Payment


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