Calvary Music School Policy Statement

Contract:  In registering for instruction, an adult student or parent /guardian is entering into a contract between themselves and Calvary Music School (CMS).   All contractual issues should be addressed to the Calvary Music School Administrator, not the instructor. The Administrator can be reached at or (860) 535-3631. 

Calendar:  Calvary Music School (CMS) 2017-2018 one-to-one lessons begin the week of September 17, 2017, and run through May, 2018,  with a two-week Winter Break.  Public holidays are observed.  New students may enroll at any time during the year.


  • Private, one-to-one lessons for children and adults are offered at 30, 45, and 60 minutes. There are opportunities to perform in recitals. CMS offers two free half-hour trial lessons to new students.
  • Chamber Ensembles - Interested students can talk with their teachers about participating in one of Calvary Music School’s chamber music ensembles. The chamber music ensemble program consists of ten one-hour coaching sessions, for small groups of different instruments, run by the different instructors.  Chamber ensembles have the opportunity to participate in the student recitals.
  • Music Fundamentals - teens and adults - Wednesdays, April 4 to May 9, 2018, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Learn the basics of reading music - pitch, rhythm, scales, keys, chords and basic song writing. Enrollment deadline: Tuesday, March 27
  • How to Listen to Classical Music - teens and adults - Saturdays, April 21 to May 12, 2018, from 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm - A guide to better understanding and enjoyment through exposure to a variety of styles and eras. Enrollment deadline: Thursday, April 12
  • Music Theater Summer Workshop - July 23 to July 27, 2018 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, ages 7-12; 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, ages 13-18 - One week course in developing skills for auditions and performances in Music Theater. Includes sessions in acting, movement, improv, song preparation, and ensemble scenes. Culminating in a final song/ensemble performance. Enrollment deadline: Tuesday, June 26
  • The Stonington Madrigal Singers is an auditioned, adult ensemble which occasionally has openings.

Attendance/Absences:  Regular attendance is expected.  As a courtesy to the instructor, if a student must miss a lesson, he or she must notify the instructor as early as possible.  Students taking one-to-one lessons are allowed  two excused absences per year.  Make-up lessons will be offered during the make-up period, or at another time mutually agreed upon with the instructor.  Excused absences that cannot be made up will be credited to the student’s account and will  remain valid for one year and are not subject to a refund.  After two excused absences per year, all other absences will be “unexcused”.  Unexcused absences are not subject to make-ups, credits, or refunds.  Any missed lessons on the part of the faculty will be made up.  Calvary Music School reserves the right to discontinue a student with poor attendance at any time.  In case of prolonged illness or injury, the CMS Administrator should be notified. 

Cancellation by the School:  If the instructor must cancel a lesson, it will be made up at a mutually convenient time.  Lessons cancelled by CMS or the instructor that cannot be made up will be credited to the student’s account and remain on account for one year.  The credits are not subject to refund. 

Religious Holidays:  Lessons missed due to the observance of a religious holiday will be made up if CMS is notified at least one week in advance.  If  CMS is unable to schedule a make up the lesson, it will be credited to the student’s account. 

Tardiness:  Students who are late for lessons cannot be guaranteed their full lesson time.  Instructors will wait for one third of the lesson time before beginning another lesson or leaving.  Missed lessons due to faculty lateness will be made up. 

Withdrawals from CMS:  To ensure continuity and musical advancement, students are considered to be enrolled for the entire school year.  This reserves the time slot and instructor for them.  In the event that a student must discontinue lessons before the end of the year, 10 business days’ notice must be submitted to the Administrator in writing at  Notice to the instructor is not sufficient, nor is non-attendance.  CMS will refund any unused tuition payments at the end of the semester year, minus a processing fee equivalent to the fee for two lessons. Any make-up lessons that have not been taken prior to the withdrawal are forfeited and non-refundable. 

Public Holidays and Snow Days:  Public holidays are observed by CMS.  Snow Days declared by the Stonington Public Schools are observed by CMS.  Lessons missed due to official Snow Days will be made up whenever possible.  An email will be sent out to all students in the morning if a Snow Day is announced.  

Media Release Form:  Parents or Guardians of students under 18 are requested to fill out and sign the Calvary Music School Picture Release Form which grants the School permission to use images of their child royalty-free in print, audio, or electronic promotion of the school. 

Sibling/Second Instrument Discount:   CMS offers a 15% discount for siblings, or for one student taking lessons on a second instrument.  The discount will be taken on the less expensive lesson. 

CMS Enrollment Reward Program:  Students who introduce a new student will receive a discount on their tuition of $30.  The discount will apply only to the first year that the new student is enrolled.  This does not apply to siblings.

 Merit Scholarships:  Each year CMS awards two “Merit Scholarships” based on recommendations by instructors and an audition adjudicated by musicians from outside CMS.  The amount of the “Merit Scholarship” varies, depending on CMS’s resources. 

Financial Aid:  The mission of Calvary Music School is to provide high-quality musical education to students of all ages, backgrounds, levels of ability, and economic means.  Fundraising and charitable contributions enable CMS to offer limited financial aid to students with demonstrated need.  The amount of an aid award is based on family size, financial obligations, and the limited availability of CMS resources.  Applications are strictly confidential and must be updated yearly.  Continued aid is dependent upon commitment and attendance, plus teacher and Artistic Director evaluation.  CMS reserves the right to discontinue Financial Aid in cases of lack of commitment to practice, poor attendance, tardiness or limited resources.

One-to-One Lesson Registration and Payment Policy:

1.   There is a yearly Registration Fee of $30 per family.  A Registration Form should be completed for each student. The Form is available to print and mail, or submit electronically, on the CMS website at 

2.In addition to the completed Registration Form(s), and $30.00 Registration Fee, CMS requires an initial tuition deposit of a month of lessons by September 15, 2017, or before the first lesson for students who enroll later in the year.   The deposit amounts are:

  • 30 minute lesson:    $105.00
  • 45 minute lesson:    $157.50
  • 60 minute lesson:    $210.00

The completed Form(s), Fee, and tuition deposit should be returned to the CMS Administrator:.Calvary Music School, Attn: Betsy Stevenson, 27 Church Street, Stonington, CT 06378. No lessons will be given until these are received. 

3.  Once the above are received, a confirmation will be sent indicating the day and time of the lesson.  Every effort will be made to give students their first or second choice of day and time, depending on instructor availability.  Receipt of the tuition payment by September 15, 2017, confirms the day and time of the lesson.  Time and day of lessons cannot be guaranteed for payments received after September 15, 2017.  

4.  CMS accepts personal checks and online electronic credit card payment.  Online payments are secure, and can be transacted directly on our website.

CMS offers two payment options:

  1.  Payment in full in advance by check or Online Payment.
  2. Three payments by check or Online Payment, due September 15, October 13, and January 15.   Invoices will be  sen 30 days in advance  indicating the dates due.   

Payments not made by the due date will result in a suspension of lessons until payment is made. In special circumstances the CMS Administrator can structure an individual payment plan. 

With written authorization by the student, parent, or guardian, using the CMS Credit Card Authorization Form, payments can be made automatically by the CMS Administrator on a pre-determined date each payment period. 

Group Courses for Teens and Adults:


  • Music Fundamentals - $100
  • How to Listen to Classical Music - $125
  • Chamber Ensembles - $225
  • Music Theater Summer Workshop - $350

Recitals and Performance Opportunities

Throughout the year CMS offers several opportunities for students to perform.  Student recitals are not required but encouraged.  Participation in all performances is by teacher permission only.

Calvary Music School is a community outreach of Calvary Episcopal Church, Stonington Connecticut.  Calvary Episcopal Church is a not-for-profit Organization in compliance with IRS Code 501 (c) (3).  All donations are fully tax-deductible.  CMS welcomes all students. 

Calvary Music School, 27 Church Street, Stonington, CT 06378.  860-535-3631